Welcome! You have reached something called BTJunkie. As most torrent engines faced difficulties in the beginning of 2012 compared to worst nightmares, BTJunkie got hit hard. Though it was obvious that the system couldn’t run the same way anymore, it technically provides a decent system for people sharing bit torrents. The main priority of this network is its own bot, a web crawler that can easily find pirate bay torrents from other search engines as well. Another good fact about bittorrent networks is that they do not charge any additional fees from users for downloading specific files. The whole system is made very user friendly and easy to manage in 2013.

The internet came like manna from heaven for all those seeking to enjoy the latest in games, movies and music. Downloading of those files from the web has only picked up more steam over the last decade with the advent of high speed broadband internet. Although it sounds fairly straightforward, downloading anything from the internet seems easier than it actually is. This can be judged by the fact that on many source sites of such files, you are required to register with the site by furnishing your private details. And if that’s not enough, many sites have also got into the habit of charging users for downloading stuff from them.

If you ask users what their ideal site should be like, most would point to the availability of a quick search feature apart from the downloading being free of cost. Luckily for them, BTJunkie has both the aforementioned attributes.

Downloading through torrents is far widespread today than it probably was a decade ago. The whole concept itself is based on a very simple premise – sharing between users. So a user will first download the necessary file and once he is done with that, he/she will start to seed that downloaded file to other downloaders. This enables the formation of multiple sources of the original file and the best part is that downloading through torrents is completely free.

BTJunkie has its own search engine and torrent client that helps users to locate a file of their choice; anytime and anywhere.

Pros of BTJunkie:

• Very easy to install

• A highly user friendly interface and attractive design

• Download and use of this application is completely free

• Has one of the largest file databases on earth for users to choose from

• A high degree of stability with assured support in future

• Very secure and keeps your computer safe

A lot of hard work and time has gone into the development of BTJunkie. The best tribute to the developer’s toils is the overwhelmingly positive response to the application’s user friendliness and overall quality. Also, this is by no means the final iteration of this application. The developer support to BTJunkie will be continued well into the future. Newer versions of the best torrenting program will be released on the website. Most of the new releases will bring with them newer and enhanced features apart from bug fixes that are an inevitable part of any software product. More news on this can be found in the next page.

The developers of this program have also made use of the latest innovations in software coding and designing. More about the exact nature of technology that has gone into the making of this application can be found on this site.

BTJunkie’s first foray into the world of torrents began in the year 2005. From there, the program has come a long way today as it boasts of well over a million loyal users from all over the world, who use the program to download everything from movies to software programs. The application was received highly by software experts that culminated in a number of awards and recognitions from the industry.

A product of BTJunkie application is among the top ranking software products out there. In spite of the many laurels the application has won over the years, there is still a large section of naysayers who allege that BTJunkie is infringing on many laws covered by the Copyright Act. However, the fact remains that it does not make use of even a single dedicated server for the storage of different types of data that are primarily given by the users themselves. This renders any charge against the application and its owners completely baseless.

The FAQ page provides answers to the most common doubts and questions harbored by users of the program. For questions not answered in that section, the customer support service steps in. Contacting them is made possible through the use of a special request form.

BTJunkie understands the value it holds for its users. Millions depend on the program to get their regular dosage of entertainment and it provides them exactly that without limitation of any sort.

More about BTJunkie

The development of software technologies today has reached a very advanced stage. In fact, nothing is considered impossible with the level of software technology available today. Nothing exemplifies this better than the fact that people today can source from the internet their favorite movies, games, music and even electronic books at the click of a button. This freedom of choice is not bound by either time or place. Every day, hundreds of new programs are released that make this downloading of data an even easier process than it already is. However, the fact remains that many of them do not come free. Even more are distinguished by their hard-to-decipher interfaces, which leaves out many users in the cold.

If you intend to download a movie or even a music track, you need to search for the same in a search site. The site then throws up a list of results and here again you need to choose the one that has the best probability of being downloaded. Upon choosing a file, you are usually asked to fill out a registration form or worse still, make a payment. Not only are you made to part with your money but also your personal details.

BTJunkie is a world apart from all this. It is the perfect application as neither do you have to pay money to use it nor fill out registration forms with your personal details.

It basically is a program that you can use to search and download various kinds of files from torrent trackers through the file sharing network known as P2P. BTJunkie makes available to its users a centralized database of torrents from more than 450 sites. The combined size of these torrents exceeds 1.5 petabytes.

The very nature of BitTorrent downloading itself is decentralized. A user is not restricted to downloading a file from one server only. Instead, he/she is able to download that file in smaller parts from other users on the network that already possess the completely downloaded file. This allows the user traffic to move in a smooth manner. A single file, in this manner, can be downloaded by hundreds of users and shared across the world with many thousands more.

But the most important factor that has earned BTJunkie the users’ favor is its clean and neat interface. It is so simple and intuitive that even beginners can use and master it quickly. That apart, BTJunkie is also completely free, runs on most universally used operating systems, has minimal system requirements, and is light on the system.