About Downloader

Most of the people who regularly share files through torrents seem to use the uTorrent bittorrent client. However, quite a few things about uTorrent have changed ever since it was taken over by Bittorrent. The aforementioned purchase was followed by a move to integrate certain features into uTorrent that were not at all popular with regular users. The owners were even brazen enough to release an uTorrent Plus version that users had to buy for a price.

Enter BTJunkie Downloader

This was about the perfect time for a new torrent client to emerge on the scene; something that was free, simple and easy to use. BTJunkie software has come to define all those qualities perfectly since it was first introduced. This client is made to run on all the popular operating systems out there, which covers Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, OS/2 and FreeBSD.

A Simple User Interface

The key to success and popularity for any torrent client rests with its user interface. The simpler and better laid out the UI is, more are the chances old and new torrent users will take a liking to it. The downloader scores very well in this aspect. Most of uTorrent’s unique features are reproduced here without any complications. This includes the most popular and accessed features like bandwidth scheduling, torrent creation, port forwarding and even IP filtering. It would not be wrong to call this program the best out of the box torrent client out there.

Getting It to Work is a Breeze

BTJunkie downloader will surprise you with its speed and high usability. You can set the client as default application for magnet links and torrent files, which allows you to load them straight when you double click on the links or files. At the same time, you can also use the good old drag and drop option to load torrents on to the client.

Adequate Information Display

The program window of this software displays most of the necessary information of the torrent file in the status bar. The usual things like ongoing download and upload speeds, the connection status, speed limit configuration etc. are all included in the client.

Options Galore

The range of options offered by BTJunkie program is wide enough to not warrant the quest for a new torrent client. Apart from most of the usual features there are options to change the language of the interface, download directory management, notifications management, connection and port settings and a web user interface. Even a torrent power user will find it hard to find fault with its many options.

A special mention must also be made of some advanced options included in BTJunkie. This includes an option that lets you configure alternate speed restrictions on certain days and times. There is also another to help configure your SMTP server to alert you whenever a torrent is completely downloaded by the downloader.

Yes, the application continues to lack some of the features offered by uTorrent (like streaming incomplete video files) but overall, this new kid on the block makes for a fine alternative to the long popular uTorrent.

How to Delete

People who want to uninstall and completely remove the program from their computers, need to go through the following steps. First of all, exit the program. Then find Control Panel (with either Windows search, or from the Start menu button). In Control panel open up Uninstall window. There are names of the programs installed, find the one to delete, click on that and click to delete. Windows will now uninstall the app and remove it.