Main Features

Among its peers, BTJunkie and its torrent search engine is without doubt the undisputed leader. The reasons for this popularity and its advantages are explained below.

Oriented towards Complete User Satisfaction

• Any person with access to the internet can head over to BTJunkie’s torrent search engine to download his/her choice of music, movies, games, software applications or eBooks.
• A user interface that makes navigation and operation very straightforward.
• Completely free of charge, a user is free to enjoy a whole lot of content without paying a penny.
• Unlike many other sites, BTJunkie has made registration optional. However, doing so enables a user to access the site’s forums, change personal settings and even keep record of all downloads.
• It works on any computer regardless of the OS it runs on. The only things required are a browser and a torrent client.
• BTJunkie ranks among the top ten search results for the term ‘torrent’ in Google. In other words, locating the site is very easy.
• It operates on the P2P concept and BitTorrent protocol, which means users are not restricted to download their content from a single server. All transfer of data takes place between the users only. This ensures that BTJunkie operations almost never suffer from downtimes.

Wide Variety of Available Content

• The torrent search engine scans across all torrent trackers when looking for a particular torrent file. This leads to a wide variety of downloadable content.
• Since there are no centralized servers where the files are stored, all the data is sourced from users of the network only.
• The torrent search engine does not infringe upon any copyrights simply because it does not store any shared files on its servers. It only serves as a medium over which various files are shared by users.
Stylish and Secure
• BTJunkie’s design, structure and interface are continuously polished over time by its developers.
• Using the site’s torrent search engine does not harm your computer in any way whatsoever.

These are just some of the reasons why BTJunkie is the perfect solution for those wanting to download content without spending their money and time.