How BTJunkie could still be alive dating back to February 2012 have stated one by another that the major torrent god BTJunkie has shut itself down. Despite the articles, people still tend to share its materials, so is the news still accurate or perhaps BTJunkie shut just one of its searches down as camouflage? Everyone can decide it themselves.

It all started on 6th of February 2012 when one of the world’s leading BitTorrent sites announced that after several years of fighting for online freedom they needed to move on and shut the website while being less than seven years old. Instantly, people who had been using the system for years, started to panic and look for alternatives and solutions what to do next. Now in reality, there are plenty of different torrent search engines and when one falls out, it will be replaced by others without any hassle. The story with BTJunkie was almost the same, just plenty of users were loyal to it and became sad because of this.

Internet users began even to dissect topics on the possibility of the BitTorrent being done. Lawsuits, arrests, threats and surveillance all together lead everyone’s mind to this. It was dark times for everyone involved in file sharing systems. Dotcom’s court case, that actually is still active but more as positive for himself, had just been started during the time with the arrest of the businessman. Though noone really was afraid of BitTorrent getting disappeared, subtle threat was in the air.

Year and a half later, there aren’t much discussions on the topic, though people still tend to search for BTJunkie website. Still they are sharing big media files as well as small documents over the web and basically it seems as nothing has changed during the time. Headlines said major torrent sites are thinking of shutting down at that time, but now we only see news about music and movie industries trying to make the life of file sharing hard. It seems to be a game of cats and mice and many companies now jump on the bandwagon. As long as people want to stay free and support online freedom, there is not much to be afraid of. As reading this article, you can see that there are still options to reach materials that once BTJunkie provided. So the decision is up to you, whether BTJunkie is still alive or not.

After SOPA was disapproved in 2012, it is not so easy anymore for US film agencies to lobby regarding online piracy, but the subject remains hot and can explode again soon. At the moment there are several copyright infringement laws of course, but seems as people behind Hollywood are still not happy. For an average internet user who likes to stream videos at home, this is not a big issue at the moment, but it could concern us all together in years to come. In the meantime, spread the word and anything else useful founded on one’s hard disk to support online freedom.

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